Insider introduces the world’s 1st exit intent technology as a part of its new mobile web suite for marketers

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Insider introduces the world’s 1st exit intent technology as a part of its new mobile web suite for marketers

“Think Mobile Web” is the loudest piece of advice Insider gives to digital marketers.


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Predictive segmentation and real-time conversion and acquisition optimization technologies company Insider, today, released it’s mobile web suite for marketers. Insider for the Mobile Web includes game-changing capabilities including detecting exit intent on mobile devices and delivering a unique home page layout based on users’ unique preferences based on historical or predictive data.

Earlier in the year, Insider launched several products as a part of its all-in-one platform for marketers including Predictive Ad Audiences, which helps marketers increase ad spend efficiency through the use of predictive segments in ad channels. A great addition to the platform, Insider for the Mobile Web, brings together a set of unique features and capabilities, that are solely designed for the mobile web.

It’s a fact that mobile conversion rate is nearly half the conversion rate of desktop, which is a big issue especially for retailers. Moreover, according to the “Mobile Search Moments”, a research conducted by Google and Nielsen, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work, therefore mobile search is always on, happening on the go. Also, 55% of conversions whether it’s a store visit, a phone call or purchase, happen within an hour.

Insider’s CEO, Hande Cilingir says: “Considering users’ growing tendency to use mobile devices, marketers now feel the urgency to optimize experiences on mobile channels. Based on Insider’s data, 62% of traffic to digital channels comes from the mobile web, but only 20% of these visits are converting.”

Insider’s product manager, Serkan Baydin says: “Even though marketers are aware of the need to deliver optimized experiences on the mobile web, most face technological roadblocks which makes them settle for mobile responsive web design. However, desktop design, doesn’t really work well for touch. That’s why we’ve decided to build the most comprehensive mobile web suite with the latest technological capabilities to help marketers deliver better experiences rethinking mobile web as a completely separate channel.”

So what’s new?

Detecting exit intent on mobile devices

One of the key capabilities of the new platform is it’s ability to detect a user’s intention to leave a mobile website. The exit intent algorithm runs on an advanced algorithm based on a large number of parameters. Tracing touch behaviour such as pressing the browser’s back button, double tapping the mobile browser to switch between browser tabs, clicking on the home button of a mobile device or upward scrolling speed are evaluated as indicators of exit intent. Marketers can now easily target those users who are about to leave with personalized, relevant and timely messages to turn more visits into conversions on the mobile web. Insider is the first all-in-one marketing platform that comes with the capability of detecting exit intent on mobile devices.

Delivering a unique view to each and every visitor with dynamic optimization

“We work very closely with marketers of over 300 brands worldwide and we’ve gathered great insights into their challenges over the past 5 years. We co-created a solution with marketers shaped by their unique needs, and packaged all they need to deliver better mobile web experiences into one suite” says M. Sinan Toktay, Insider’s Co-founder and CTO.

OLX, one the world’s leading classified ads sites, already a partner of Insider, wanted to deliver better mobile web experiences, starting from their home page. They wanted to change the order of categories on their home page to welcome visitors with their most preferred categories listed on top. Insider’s development team co-created a solution with OLX to answer this need. That’s how the Category Optimizer made its way into Insider’s new mobile web suite as a key solution.

Based on AI-backed predictive segments such as likelihood to convert, customer lifecycle status or customer lifetime value, Insider’s Category Optimizer can dynamically reorder elements on a menu or a category listing to create a personalized view for each and every visitor.

Triggering faster decisions to speed up the path to purchase

As mobile conversion rates soar, marketers need to explore ways to turn more mobile web traffic into conversions through increasing engagement, driving interaction and triggering faster purchasing decisions. Using highly engaging on-page and in-line elements it is possible to significantly drive conversions on a given mobile website. For instance the sticky floating cart button follows visitors who have added an item to their carts as they surf a mobile site and helps visitors checkout with ease. The platform offers other elements such as coupon codes with countdown timers or elements which introduce gamification to drive engagement.

Winning product of the hackathon: Smart Recommender

The winning product of the Insider 2017 Hackathon was the Smart Recommender. With the Smart Recommender, marketers can create real-time interaction with personalized product and content recommendations. They can optimize the value of each visit through increasing the total number of pageviews, AOV, upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

“Your experience on a mobile website is very different compared to your experience on a desktop. Users always look for the shortest possible way to find what they’re looking for and they are never keen on spending time on mobile sites that fail to deliver a convenient experience for them. They’ll just go elsewhere” says Merve Nazlioglu, Insider’s Marketing Director.

“Think mobile web” is the loudest piece of advice we can provide all digital marketers who are trying to tap into their conversion potential when it comes to the mobile web. It seems like delivering personalized and relevant experiences is quite straightforward with Insider for the Mobile Web. Creating better experiences will not only increase customer loyalty, it will have a great impact on your revenue as mobile conversions improve significantly.

About Insider

Insider is a digital experience delivery platform for marketers.

Accessible from a unified data engine, Insider enables marketers to leverage predictive segmentation and real-time personalization technologies to boost loyalty and digital growth.

Insider is a technology company with offices in London, Moscow, Singapore, Dubai, Warsaw, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. Insider was listed as one of the 100 Hottest Startups in 2016 by WIRED Magazine and won Red Herring Top 100 Europe in 2017.

Helping world’s leading brands grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, Insider is trusted by over 300 businesses across various industries including Toyota, UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Media Markt, Lenovo, Ticketmaster, Newsweek, Air Arabia, New Balance, AVIS, BBVA, Fiat, Delivery Hero, Dominos, McDonalds, LG, OLX, Avon and CNN.


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